CaptureWho is James Beyor?

James has lived on Swans Island off the coast of Maine for 28 years and has witnessed the ferry fee increase as the price of fuel continues to go up. He talks to commercial lobstermen daily who struggle with excessive fuel and maintenance costs limiting their ability to make a living. James also lived on a boat moored off the Florida Keys and experienced first-hand the extensive costs of operating and maintaining a recreational boat with a propeller, which is universally acknowledged to be extremely inefficient. James was moved to design and build the Vortex SeaDrive which changes the way we move through the water.

Mr. Beyor has a proven track record of dreaming big and following through. He has been featured in architectural magazines, books and a television series for a project that he dedicated himself to for 28 years, building his home in Maine, which is a replica of Kragsyde, a world renowned, architectural shingle style masterpiece with 23 rooms and 13 fireplaces. He is a helicopter and airplane pilot, a skilled design engineer and he has authored and published two books on futuristic thinking. James is also a surreal artist and has sold many of his original pieces. The Vortex SeaDrive is his current project and he is fully dedicated to see it to completion and commercial distribution.

Get James’ books: The R.I.P.: Mining the Subconscious Artifact: James Philip Beyor …www.amazon.com › Books

Read about James’ latest book, Guarded Hearts: Genesis Sabotage at www.movepublications.net/aboutAuthor.htm

Read about the rebuilding of Kragsyde in: The Old House Journal, May/June 1987, pages 20 – 27 at www.books.google.com/books?id=ly2pGzVspoYC and in Old House Interiors, September 2001, pages 54 – 62 www.books.google.com/books?id=4jAEAAAAMBAJ