December 18, 2016 Update

Seasons’ Greetings from SeaDrive Systems,

We have been very busy for the past year working on various design aspects as well as consulting with interested parties about their needs.

Current activities include the installation of a stronger fiberglass bottom on the hull of our Montauk (Boston Whaler) test boat.

We have a new custom built transmission on order which is expected to arrive in Florida by about December 29, 2016.  The previous transmission had a gear ratio of 1:2.  The new transmission will increase that to 1:3, with the RPMs (and speed) to significantly increase.

Our test tank has been completed.  When the transmission arrives, each SeaDrive unit will be tested before being installed on our revised boat.  Test results will be published once the tests have been completed.

We are planning on our next in water sea trials to occur between late January to mid-February 2017 at the latest.  Lots of work to still be done before then, but we are confident the results will be worth the wait.  Date, time and location will be published once we complete our internal tests.

All the best for the holidays,



December 16, 2015 Update

It’s nearly Christmas and the end of another year of R&D.

We are currently building a test tank made of Plexiglas. Think of this as a wind tunnel for water. This will allow us to observe and record the behavior of water going through our SeaDrive systems.   The goal is to have both push and pull of the water as the system moves along. The information we glean will help us tweak the existing water contact points to maximize the push-pull relationship.

Our ultimate goal is for SeaDrive to effectively use all four energy factors, not just the forces involved with centrifugal push type propulsion, such as the dual prop-pod drive, propeller and the jet drive.

The results will be demonstrated in Spring of 2016.

Happy Holidays!

November 1, 2015 Update

It’s already November 2015!  Time flies when there is a lot to do… and we are certainly very busy making slow but steady progress in the right direction. Money is tight, but it hasn’t stopped us. We are now back at our Florida facility setting up new tank tests to make further incremental adjustments to our design over what we demonstrated earlier in the year.

Developing a new product is not an easy task.  The process goes from drawing board… to beta test parts… to complex prototypes… to learning something new… to REPEAT WITH NEW KNOWLEDGE…  Of course, more money makes the process quicker because more talent can be brought in to move things along.

Activities this summer involved redesigning SeaDrive to make it sleeker and able to easily pop-in and out of our new boat… Yes, we have replaced the previous 15′ Boston Whaler Montauk that was very heavy for its size, with an 18′ 1800 series aluminum hull Monark which is much easier to work on and substantially lighter.  We are very pleased with our new sleek quick change units.  When you see them, you will be very impressed, and are definitely worth the wait!

Our goal for this winter is do various tank tests while documenting the operation of our latest prototype.  Showing the world what we found will most likely be in the spring of 2016 as several new ideas have surfaced.

We appreciate your interest.  If you have any questions please contact us.

James Beyor

February 16, 2015 Update

On January 5, 2015, we were scheduled to perform another demonstration test with cameras rolling. Before we headed to the harbor with boat in tow, we ran up the system for some final checks. There were several current and potential investors planning to see the test first hand, and we wanted to minimize the chance of anything going wrong. What was to be a quick check to insure everything was just right, turned into an unfortunate situation–we broke a critical custom-made belt. If that wasn’t bad enough, our Texas and Arkansas investors, who flew in for the test, were waiting.

What did we learn? The hydraulic system on the new design was so powerful that a fast switch from forward to reverse snapped the steel-reinforced drive belts. These special belts are made for extreme loads, but our powerful hydraulic system was able to push them over the edge.

We also learned to have more patience and the importance of having backup belts around! We did try and solve the problem with some other belts but it was a no-go. Size matters!

We put in a special rush order for several new custom belts and we were ready to try again a week later, to satisfy the previous week’s interested investors.

Of course we would like to have had it all work on the scheduled day, but on the good side we learned what needs tweaking so this doesn’t happen again. It is our intention to torture test all our SeaDrive models to insure reliability for future customers. Design changes will be made so it will be impossible for the system to get anywhere near the breaking point. Our tests are ridged.

We did lose the two mid-west investors but, thankfully a Maine investor came on board immediately there-after. He flew down to witness our impressive tank test and a great sea trial which included our new makeover. He was duly impressed.

You can see the successful test on our video page or on Youtube.

We are happy with how the SeaDrives performed on the last test. Nevertheless, our focus is to make further refinements over the next several months. These refinements will include every aspect of the original system, from the boat we are using, to making adjustments to the SeaDrive water contact points, and especially the drive belt issue.

After three years of learning what mother-nature demands, we are more confident than ever in our ultimate success in building a GREEN, state-of-the-art marine propulsion system. We will perfect our SeaDrive’s potential and share our journey with you along the way.


September 21, 2014 Update

In November of 2014* we will be testing a new advanced power configuration of the Vortex SeaDrive.  We have put together an exciting new engine/hydraulics package that we feel will give us the  stronger maneuverability we expect with the SeaDrives.  We anticipate greater speed and the quiet running we spoke of in the early spring of 2014.  As you well know, we learn by our honest mistakes which are the actual learning tools for a new future.  Be sure to stay on board for our upcoming tests.

* Delayed until Early 2015

March 5, 2013 Update

On March 5, 2013 the seven member development team and many curious onlookers and invited guests witnessed WAKE FREE marine propulsion during the live Sea Trials of the Vortex 800 SeaDrive – the all new green marine propulsion system. It was a beautiful sunny day at LaSiesta Resort in Isladmorada in the Florida Keys. In crystal clear 78 degree water we launched a 17 foot Montauk Boston Whaler equipped with two SeaDrive drive units powered by 13 hp Honda test engine with a split hydraulic system.

We watched as our driver navigated the vessel effortlessly within the marina complex with NO WAKE and TURN ON A DIME maneuverability. Phase One of the Vortex SeaDrive SeaTrails was a complete success! Go to the Video tab to see the footage. For more information now, contact us.