November 1, 2015 Update

It’s already November 2015!  Time flies when there is a lot to do… and we are certainly very busy making slow but steady progress in the right direction. Money is tight, but it hasn’t stopped us. We are now back at our Florida facility setting up new tank tests to make further incremental adjustments to our design over what we demonstrated earlier in the year.

Developing a new product is not an easy task.  The process goes from drawing board… to beta test parts… to complex prototypes… to learning something new… to REPEAT WITH NEW KNOWLEDGE…  Of course, more money makes the process quicker because more talent can be brought in to move things along.

Activities this summer involved redesigning SeaDrive to make it sleeker and able to easily pop-in and out of our new boat… Yes, we have replaced the previous 15′ Boston Whaler Montauk that was very heavy for its size, with an 18′ 1800 series aluminum hull Monark which is much easier to work on and substantially lighter.  We are very pleased with our new sleek quick change units.  When you see them, you will be very impressed, and are definitely worth the wait!

Our goal for this winter is do various tank tests while documenting the operation of our latest prototype.  Showing the world what we found will most likely be in the spring of 2016 as several new ideas have surfaced.

We appreciate your interest.  If you have any questions please contact us.

James Beyor