Vortex SeaDriveWhat is the Vortex SeaDrive?

James Beyor has invented a revolutionary marine propulsion system he calls the Vortex SeaDrive.  It is a simple, compact, high flow hydraulic propulsion device with only three moving parts.  Its diverse application includes recreational and commercial surface and sub-surface marine vessels.

It is the first true innovation in marine propulsion since the invention of the propeller.

The Vortex SeaDrive uses the molecular structure of water as a partner in propulsion and utilizes the kinetic energy inherent in a horizontal fluid vortex.  James has built and tested three working prototypes of the Vortex SeaDrive and with each new iteration has increased system performance.  Vortex SeaDrive Systems, Inc. is actively seeking investors to develop and test commercial models for larger marine vessels.

Why is the Vortex SeaDrive better than other marine propulsion systems?

Propellers, impellers and jet drives waste fuel while agitating the water, then they push against the “soft water” of the destroyed hydro bonds to move the boat forward.  They are expensive, extremely inefficient, bulky and damaging to the environment and have been tolerated only because no one, until now, has introduced a new technology that is not based on archaic propulsion principles and dependent on fuel guzzling technologies.

How does the Vortex SeaDrive work?

The Vortex SeaDrive is a hybrid drive system that creates a horizontal vortex to simultaneously pull and push a boat through the water.  The Vortex SeaDrive has only three moving parts and eliminates heavy and expensive outboard engines with water beating propellers and bulky inboard drive components such as through-hull shafts, stuffing boxes, friction laden transmissions and torque converters.

Who would want a Vortex SeaDrive?

Anyone who wants to reduce their fuel cost and is concerned about the environment! 

Current recreational and commercial marine drive systems waste up to 25% of the fuel used.  Every gallon of fuel used releases 19.564 pounds of carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

Who would want to continue to use a propeller or a jet drive?  Anyone with unlimited financial resources who thinks speed is more important than the world we leave behind for our children.

Why has this concept never been proposed before?

Most people confine their education to a single field of study.  James studies everything.  It was necessary for him to integrate his understanding of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics with his talents as a pilot,visionary artist, author and inventor to develop the Vortex SeaDrive.

How can you help James with the Vortex SeaDrive?

James has received his US patent and has filed his application for international patent protection on the revolutionary Vortex SeaDrive design.  Vortex SeaDrive Systems has incorportated in the State of Florida and is actively seeking investors to design, build and test commercial prototypes on strategic recreational and commercial vessels.

Once the Vortex SeaDrive System is proven word will spread throughout the industry. 

James plans to set up a factory to build SeaDrive systems for market and sale providing much needed jobs for Americans.  With continued dedication and investment James will build the next prototypes in the SeaDrive Series, a 3000 SeaOx, a rugged low profile and powerful SeaDrive for larger work and pleasure boats and the 3500 DeepSea series, the sleek drop-down “jet engine look” for yachts and ocean crossing vessels over 50 ton.

James has a private stock offering available. If you are interested in reviewing this opportunity, please e-mail James at james@seadrive.us to request an electronic copy of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). Please identify your state of residence so we can ensure that we are in compliance with your state’s Blue Sky requirements.

We are offering Series A Convertible Preferred Shares at a price of $1.00 per share, $.001 par value with a minimum investment of $10,000.  We currently have six dedicated actively involved partner/investors.  Get in now at the ground level.


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